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Coaching and Organisational Development

As a trained educator and psychologist with many years of leadership experience in international teams, I can help people as a systemic consultant to see more clearly, even in difficult situations.

My work is more than just a job. Respectful encounters and cooperation at eye level are essential to me. Only when we find a shared space for dialogue can we develop further.

My clients have different backgrounds. They speak other languages and move in diverse contexts. They are managers, employees, or people who want to change something.

I work at the Zurich University of Teacher Education (PH Zürich). I accept mandates in the school and education sector through this website

English: Über mich


Discover potentials

Do you know your real strengths and where your potential lies buried? I help you to recognize your patterns and to perceive and use your strengths consciously.
Together we will get to the bottom of your strengths using various tools from Positive Psychology. By answering questions, you will have the opportunity to obtain a pattern of strengths. In a subsequent conversation, we will reflect on how you can use your strengths better or at all in a professional and private context. The goal is to recognize your potential and make better use of it. This can also mean changing certain things or patterns or approaching them differently.
Personal coaching can help you to put the newly gained insights into practice. Together we will outline and agree on the topics you want to work on in coaching.


Change perspectives

Do you sometimes face difficult leadership situations, or are you new to a leadership function? I support you in changing perspectives and seeing things more clearly. 
From my experience, I know how difficult it can often be to grow into a new management position and move strategically wisely in large organizations. Especially if you are new to this function, several obstacles often seem to get in the way. I will get to the bottom of these areas of tension together with you. The focus is often on employee leadership questions, team or project management roles, conducting difficult leadership discussions, or working on strategic issues. By consciously changing perspectives, you can gain important insights for your leadership activities.
In an initial interview, I will get to the bottom of the most critical issues and agree with you on the leadership coaching goals.


Systemic thinking

Do you want to change something in your organization? Are you developing a strategy, or are you working on structures, processes, and culture to become more agile? I advise you for meaningful implementation.
From my own experience in building up an organizational unit and the associated change processes, I have already been able to help many teams to reorient themselves. It is crucial to consider the entire system in which you are and work. This includes structures, processes, strategy, and above all, social aspects and organizational culture.
Within a systemically oriented consultation framework, I make a common interpretation with you and your team. From this, we agree on the goals and measures that you want to set with my help.

English: Dienstleistungen


Expertise. Humor. Flexibility.

With my knowledge of educational topics and my experience as a speaker, I am available for inputs or presentations. As a trained moderator, I plan and conduct events from start to finish with humor and the necessary flexibility. For certain topics, I am available as a trainer for workshops or courses.


Possible topics for input:

  • How do we learn? How does an organization learn?

  • What are transversal competencies?

  • Skills for the 21st century

  • Leadership and culture

  • Leadership and consulting

  • How does resilience emerge? What makes a resilient organization (different)?

  • Transcultural learning in an organization

Other topics are also possible upon request.


I can provide the "red thread" through an event or moderate a panel discussion. Taking over a moderation means careful preparation, briefing the protagonists, and reacting flexibly to the unexpected. Examples of my previous moderations:

  • Working world 4.0 and the school?

  • Family ties - When a family is different

  • Mannsbilder - The search for male diversity

  • Refugee children 

  • Thematic series on competence orientation


Possible topics for team events:

  • Leading project teams

  • Agile collaboration in hierarchical organizations

  • Leading at a distance

  • Diversity management in teams

  • Transcultural communication 

  • Leading and consulting - two roles in the same job

  • Making strengths visible

Other topics are also possible upon request.

English: Dienstleistungen
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